Samsung Chromebook XE500C21-H02DE HSPA most helpful reviews

Samsung Chromebook XE500C21-H02DE HSPA da 30,7 cm (12,1 pollici), Intel Atom N570, 1,6 GHz, RAM 2GB, SSD 16GB, Chrome OS, colore: Titanio / Argento di Samsung, What can I say? From the point of view of performance is a good product, excellent battery life (in wifi mode), well-made keyboard, touchpad and large full click (even if the top is a little more difficult), monitor bright.

As for the operating system I can say that the 10 sec boot are real (sometimes it takes even less), updates are constant by Google to improve the interface (recently moved from an interface to a full browser style windows) and the operating system

As for the negatives:
1) Without Wi-Fi or mobile coverage can not do almost anything.
2) In view of streaming movies is not always all codecs are supported (for now)
3) Management of unripe file (the file manager is still limited but each update will see new features implemented)

In short: perfect product to use to surf the Internet and the applications interface with google.

I recommend: Yes, but not as the main device at home

More info and price click at chrome
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