Small Kitchen Design Ideas: Tips to Look Spacious

Spacious kitchen space is certainly a dream of all people. For those of you who have a narrow kitchen space we've got some tips on managing a small kitchen space which is convenient when you are cooking.

1. Designing appropriate color. give your small kitchen colors should be harmonized with the color combination room around the kitchen. Such accessories are on display in the kitchen, ceramic flooring color, and paint the walls should be appropriate.

2. Use cabinet doors with glass. To make a small kitchen look spacious is to use glass to make the room as there is no bulkhead. This method will broaden our eyes.

3. Use a brighter light. Maximize sunlight can get into your room with consider the location of your kitchen window. Use as lights that are brighter and the location can focus on your small kitchen area.

4. Choosing a good ceramic colors. Some interesting ceramic motifs can help your small kitchen look more elegant and comfortable. Arranging tiles with diagonal pattern system can expand the view so that the kitchen seemed spacious.

small kitchen design apartment

kitchen design small galley

small kitchen design ideas
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