how long can you keep a car seat

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), should keep the child seat in the front seat facing seat until they reach one year of age. So you can move, turning the seat into the glass up to the fourth year of age. When he reaches the age of eight, the child can sit on a seat without a seat but linked with the seat belt.

Although NHTSA provides the information necessary for safety in the car, it is good that parents consult the manufacturer of the seat, which will provide, through the child restraint system (this information is shown above it), the information about the use and the 'packaging. Parents for more detailed information can call the toll manufacturer.

Although there are some general guidelines that parents consult each other, it is important that in the conditions of the factory of the manufacturer. The security is based on weight and height of the child, which varies depending on the model and the type of seat. Parents should always follow the guides established by the manufacturer.
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